NO BULL™ "Bullhorn" Ladder Stabilizer Bumpers

The NO BULL™ Bullhorn Ladder Stabilizer Bumpers (2-Pack) are heavy-duty, non-skid rubber guards that protect your siding and other work surfaces. They fit securely on most standard ladder stabilizers providing superior durability, toughness and reliability. Our products are crafted to the demanding specifications of professional contractors, while also being easy to use and available to the weekend handyman or home DIY'er.

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    Item # HW-001-009

    “Bullhorn” Ladder Stabilizer Bumpers

    Packaged in Clear PVC Box with Printed Insert

    Minimum Order Quantity - 30

    5.75" x 4.8" x 2.65"


    Item # HW-001-008

    Loaded Counter Display

    Includes 6 Units of HW-001-009 Corrugated Construction

    Minimum Order Quantity - 1

    6.15" x 10.1" x 9.5"




    • Bumper Dimensions: 4.5" H x 3" W x 2.45" D (each)
    • Bumper Weight: 0.23 lbs (each)
    • Highest durability rated rubber is virtually indestructible and mar resistant
    • All-weather, sun resistant rubber prevents cracking and corrosion
    • Unbreakable end cap embedded within bumper made with nylon polycarbonate and 30% glass fiber
    • Non-skid diamond dot pattern for added safety


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